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The history of tihiya kut



Mehana “Tihiya Kut” (Quiet Corner Tavern) has been open for tourists and Tarnovo locals for 50 years now. Generations come and go, but the painted murals on the walls transcend time in the memories of the visitors of this landmark Veliko Tarnovo restaurant. It is still a must-see place to visit in the old capital. Right at the beginning of General Gurko Street, where the old town meets the city centre, Tihiya Kut awaits its guests.

SINCE 1965

Nowadays visitors will realize that - albeit unobtrusively - everything has changed. The interior has been upgraded, avoiding the stereotypes of an "old time inn", but preserving the harmony between traditional and modern, creating an attractive and cozy atmosphere. It is largely due to the enjoyable music, away from the aggressive pub folk music or annoyingly loud ambient sound. This is a place for those seeking to enjoy a quiet conversation in a positive vibe environment. Beyond doubt the main attraction of "Tihiya Kut" lies in its cuisine and fine drinks. Various local home-made dishes based on tasty authentic recipes are available all day long, served with premium drinks, salads and desserts.


Welcome and Cheers to everyone!

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